Part I:  Theory (Teoria)

1. A. Bieliński, C. Łapińska: On Reducibility of the Intersection Curve of Two Second-Oder Surfaces

2. M. Górko: Vanishing Plane in Analising Geometrical Illusions in Interiors

3. B. Januszewski: Examples of Graphical Representations Realised by Subspace Projections with Bundle Dispersed Centeres

Part  II:  Graphics Education (Dydaktyka)

1. A. Bieliński, C. Łapińska: Some Spatial Construction of Common Points of Two Coaxial and Coplanar Conics

2.C. Pűtz: Monge Projection of a Folded Plate Didactic Principles for Teaching Descriptive Geometry

3. A. Vansevičius: Visualisation of Geometrical Transformations in Projections with Elevation 

Part  III:  Applications (Zastosowania)

1. P. Furmanek: Polyhedral Covers Based on L-system Fractal Construction 

2. V. Nenorta, N. Puodziuniene, R. Kersys: Conversion of 2D Drawings to 3D Parts 

3. K. Romaniak: Division of Coupler Plane

4. A. Sokas: Automatised Formation of Specifications in Engineering Drawings

5. J. Zemkauskas, L. Čiupaila: Peculiarities of Computing in the Modelling of Contemporary Graphics

6. R. Žiūrienė:  Representation and Modelling of 3D Objects in Different CAD

Part  IV:  Information and News (Wydarzenia i informacje)

1. Editorials  

2. Contents

3. Instructions for the Authors