Part I:  Theory (Teoria)

1. B. Wojtowicz: Pencil of Osculary Tangent Conics P21=2=3,4.

2. A. Zdziarski: Deformation Nets for the Construction of Superficial Anamorphic Images.


Part  II:  Graphics Education (Dydaktyka)

1. R. A. Górska: How CADWork Can Help Facilitate Your Technical Drawing Training?.

2. B. Juodagalvienė: Issues of Distance Learning in Engineering Graphics Course.

3. I. Jurane: The Alternative Task within the Course of Descriptive Geometry for Architects.

4. B. Kotarska-Lewandowska: Funkcje podręczników geometrii wykreślnej.

5. A. Vansevicius: What Must We Do With the Overwhelming Amount of Information ?.

6. Z. Veide, V. Strozheva: Application and Efficiency Assessment of E-Learning Software.

7. D. Velichová: E-learning in Geometry in the Context of The European Virtual Laboratory of Mathematics.

Part  III:  Applications (Zastosowania)

1. A. Kulig K. Romaniak: The Geometrical Models of the Stellar Vaults.

2. V. Nenorta, N. Puodziuniene: Analysis of Parametrical Modeling Systems Development.

3. A. Sokas: Calculation and Drawing of Construction Elements in Engineering Design.

4. B. Vogt, Ł. Flaga: Creating Cell Vaults.

Part  IV:  Information and News (Wydarzenia i informacje)

1. Contents.

2. Instructions for the Authors.