Part I:  Theory (Teoria)

1. A. Zdziarski, A. Pałka: Limaçon of Pascal as an Anamorphic Image of a Circle.

Part  II:  Graphics Education (Dydaktyka)

1. A. Błach, A. Kania, M. Sroka-Bizoń: What about Geometrical Didactics? The Results of the Questionnaires.
2. S. Bogacki, E. Terczyńska: The LMS Platform as the Tool of Checking Progress in the Learning Engineering Graphics.
3. S. Cichacz, T. Wieja: Interactive Presentations of Selected Descriptive Geometry Problems in the Flash MX Program.
4. R. Górska: European Standards for Construction Drawings.
5. B. Kotarska-Lewandowska: Preparation of Descriptive Geometry Course in English.
6. E. Koźniewski, M. Orłowski: From 2D Mongean Projection to 3D Model in AutoCAD.
7. D. Wróblewska: The Choice of Exercises on Technical Graphics at the Specialization of Geodesy and Cartography.

Part  III:  Applications (Zastosowania)

1. A. Zdziarski: Deformation Nets for the Reflective Cylindrical Anamorphs.

Part  IV:  History of Descriptive Geometry (Historia geometrii wykreślnej)

1. A. Koch, T. Wieja: Presentation of Descriptive Geometry as a New Field of Science by F. Sapalski in Cracow Scientific Society on 16th November 1817.

Part  V:  Information and News (Wydarzenia i informacje)

1. E. Koźniewski: Profesor Bogusław Grochowski 1923-2011.
2. A. Repelewicz: Docent Stanisław Ochoński 1932-2011.