Part I:  Theory (Teoria)

1. A. Hast: Geometry of Fibers with Varying Topology

2. B. Januszewski: Subspace Projections with Centres Dispersed on Second-Degree Forms 


Part  II:  Graphics Education (Dydaktyka)

1. A. Bieliński, C. Łapińska:  A Spatial Construction of Two Ellipses Intersection Points  

2. R. Kersys, T. Pilkaite: Multimedia in Engineering Graphics

3. M. Sroka-Bizoń, J. Tofil: Development of Geometry and Engineering Graphics Curriculum for Civil Engineering Course    

4. A. Vansevicius: Creating Web-based Information and Educational Engineering Graphics Resources


Part  III:  Applications (Zastosowania)

1. V. Nenorta, N. Puodziuniene: Evaluation of Drawing Precision and Its Correction

2. G. Rachkovskaya, Y. Kharabayev, N. Rachkovskaya: Towards the Construction of Artistic Visual Images by means of Analytical Geometry and Computer Graphics.


Part  IV:  Information and News (Wydarzenia i informacje)

1. Contents

2. Chronicle of important news

3. List of academic teachers with scientific degree in Poland dealing with descriptive geometry .